continuous type high pressure pu polyurethane spray foam insulation machine

high pressure pu foaming machine

Product Description


High pressure Polyurethane foaming machine is the most popular machine in Polyurethane foaming industry.

high pressure Polyurethane foaming machine can be tailored to:

Connect with 8 mix heads, for stationary molding applications
Become the pouring station for continuous process line
Permit more components for colored foam, dual density foam or multiple products system
EMM series outputs are available ranging from as low as 40g/s to as high as 500g/s, at ratios ranging from 1:5 to 5:1

We offer EMM series machine in the same quality as the European. But in order to help our customer starting a new project, we design the low configuration foaming machines as your requirements for very low price. And all EMM meet today’s stringent demands for chemical processing and plenty of spare parts in store.

In the polyurethane industry, EMM machine is a process where two reactants, typically isocyanate (iso) and polyol are pumped under high pressure into a high pressure mixing head. Inside the mixing head the iso and polyol collide at extreme velocities inside the mixing chamber, this is referred to as impingent mixing. The resulting high speed collision creates turbulence inside the mixing chamber, this turbulence mixes the reactants. The mixed reacting fluid exits the mixing head and enters the mold.


1. Multiple choices,machine can be chosen according to the configuration.

2. Easy to maintain, customer can designate spare part brand in local market.

3. Easy to operate.

4. Rich vulnerable parts in stock.

5. Professional After-sale service: Remote guide through computer and engineers install the machines on customer's site.

6. Professional manufacturer: We only manufacture PU forming machines and production lines, no other machines.

Mixing Head Principle:

The reactants collide at extreme velocities inside the mixing chamber. This is referred to as impingement mixing. The resulting high speed collision creates turbulence inside the mixing chamber, this turbulence mixes the reactants. The mixed reacting fluid exits the mixing head and enters the mold. Mixing heads are the key elements of Polyurethane production system, they determine the cost-effectiveness and quality of Polyurethane processing.

*Applicable for: 2 or more reactants system
*Brand: DUT Korea, ISC Italy or own brand
*Nozzle type: straight, balance , hydraulic adjusted
*Pouring pressure: 80-200bar
*Pouring mode: with or without PU mode
*Calibration on mixing: applicative
*Flexible quality: thermoplastic
*Safety: pipe socks protect
*Control: Box with handle and buttons
*Manual valves for mixing head maintenance
*Action: hydraulic power
*Working mode: manual or robot pouring

Item 2: Metering pump units

Meter pump unit is composed of an AC motor, magnetic coupling, metering pump with relief valve, flow meter, high pressure sensor, low pressure sensor, air release valve and Gap-Type Filter.

The magnetic coupling is a device for to transmit a torque between AC motor and metering pump without mechanical contact.

Brand & quality: METAU Italy or Chinese


*No leakage forever, cause a cup seal on pump side
*No maintenance, cause no mechanicalcontact
*Safety torque, the maximum torque is limited during design
*Less mechanical vibrations, cause magnetic action is a vibration damper

For reducing cost, we provide mechanical coupling. But the pump seal will lose efficacy even with lubrication.It’s just a matter of time.

Metering pump

*The metering pump is a special axial piston variable pump for polyurethane foaming field. It transport polyurethane component under precise stability flow and high pressure to mixing head
*Metering pumps are the key elements of Polyurethane production system, they determine the cost-effectiveness and quality of Polyurethane processing
*Flow change by motor speed or pump’s hand wheel
*Brand & quality: Rexroth A7VK&A2VK series, DUT DMP series, Rotary power C range, Chinese brand, other brand on required.


1.High metering accuracy and repeatability of the variable flows
2.Manual control via handwheel with built-in-precision measuring scale or alternatively mechanical rod control, for mounting 3.pneumatic or hydraulic control cylinders (remote control)
4.Operating pressure up to 250 bar
5.Low suction pressure, even when pumping highly viscous fluids
6.Very little pulsation of flow
7.Compatibility of pump components with materials to be pumped through use of specially matched materials and special seals
8.Quiet operation
9.Optimum volumetric efficiency

Flow Meter

Principle: The medium drives the gears. A non-intrusive sensor detects the movement of the gear. As each tooth passes the sensor, the sensor produces a square-wave pulse and measures a discrete volume of liquid. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate, providing a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow. The flow meters are highly wear-resistant moving parts to provide exceptionally long service life.

Flow meter is the key part for Closed-Loop Flow Control system.

Brand & quality: Kracht, AW Gear Meters, other brand on required.

Item 3: Hydraulic unit

The hydraulic unit supplies hydraulic power for mixing head, high-low pressure exchange valve and so on. It’s composed of a 200L oil tank, an AC motor, hydraulic pump, pressure controlled valve block, heat exchanger, filters, accumulator, a pressure switch with display and hose system.

1. Motor Brand & quality: Siemens, ABB, Normal or required.
2. Hydraulic spare parts Brand& quality: Hydac, Rexroth, Marzocchi, YUKEN
3.Accumulator Brand& quality: Hydac, Rexroth, Olaer, standard. All accumulators can be made according GB150, CE-PED or on required.
4. Pressures switch Brand & quality: Hydac, Balluff, Barksdale and Chinese, other brand on required.

Item 4: Tank units

1.The components ISO and poly store in pressure tanks. All the tank’s working pressure is 4.5bar and with Pressure vessel certificate.
2. The tank unit has functions such as Stirrer, level control, temperature control, feeding control, safety control and other on required.
3.Tank’svolume: 75L, 100L, 150L, 250L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, or on required.
4.Tank’s Pressure vessel certificate: GB150, CE-PED or on required.
5.Tank’s Material can be carbon or stainless steel.
6.Tank’s pressure: safety valve set on 4.5bar, 1 regulator for gas charging.
7.Stirrer: A U-mixer device works on 60rpm with mechanical seal.
8.Temperature control: water jacket with safety valve, insulating coat outside, external temperature exchanger.
9.Temperature sensor: Dual PT100 sensor.
10.Heater: 3Kw, 6Kw or bigger on required.
11.Cooling: cooling water supplier is required.

Item 5:Electric control system

*1 cabinet with PLC and panel brand Siemens, a safety line with 2 channels, inverters, motor control elements, and buttons.
*PLC and panel Brand & quality: Siemens, S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300 or required
*Inverters Brand & quality: Siemens, ABB, or required
*Motor control elements Brand & quality: Siemens, ABB, Schneider or required

Item others:

1.Mix head crane, machine mounted, 1800-3000mm radius, fixed height 1200mm, lifts up-down 500mm, push button or balancer controls

2.Automatic pouring, by ABB, KUKA robot or other automatic device

3.Customer’s specific requirements are valid

Quick Details

Processing Type: Foaming Machine
Condition: New
Product Type: PU foam forming
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: EMM
Voltage: 380V/50HZ
Power(W): 45kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 5500*1800*3000mm
Weight: 2200kg
Certification: CE, CE
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Application: Car Accessory
Output flow(Least): 30(g/s)
Output flow (Maximum): 10000(g/s)
Tank capacity (liters per tank): 150L, 250L and 350L
Delivery: Prompt ship
Control system: PLC
Filter: Self-cleaning filter
Foam type: Flexible foam/ Rigid foam
Component proportion: Adjustable