polyurethane two components pouring machine with low pressure

pu foam casting machine

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Type of operation: automatic
Usages: PU soles, PU wheel, anti-skid pads and electrometric products production
Power: 4.5kW
High working voltage: 380V AC
Pressure: 7kg/CM2
Power: 5kW
Radius of operation: 120cm
Output: 200g/s
Station groups: 200 groups of two liquid quantitative mixed glue machine function
Perfusion volume: 1 to 999cc
Spit gum precision: +0.1%
Bucket capacity: 20, 40, 75, 125 and 250L
Applies glue: epoxy resin, silicon, acrylic and polyurethane (acrylic/PU)
Full machine stainless steel frame
Adjust ratio of mechanical and electronic gear ratio of 3 mixing methods: static/dynamic mixing
Microcomputer metering processor
Teaching type memory quantitative
120 groups of quantitative memory
Glue feeding rate can be changed easily
Precision gear quantitative pump, continuous feed
Hopper heating and stirring
External vacuum pump
Barrel lower level display
Line PTC induction, electric heating constant temperature function
Line 24 hours automatic timing/quantitative circulatory [ ] preventing sedimentation
Dull-prevention function, fault display
Soft/hard PU foam machine and line
Widely applied to automotive interior decoration, furniture, home furnishing, shoes, sports equipment, toys, refrigeration, packing and other fields
Size: (L)143x(W)108x(H)185cm

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