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Product Description

Features of Cyclopentane High Pressure Foaming Machine:
1.PLC(Mitsubishi) control panel
2.Magnetic coupling ensures no material leakage
3.Axial piston pump, A2VK
4.self-cleaning L-shaped mixing head

Main parameters:
Model: H100-JHHA &(H40-JHHA)
Ratio : 1:5-5:1
Stuff temperature: Adjustable
Out put (min-max): 100-1300g/s (H40-JHHA: 60-620g/s)
Tank capacity : 250L/tank (H40-JHHA:250L/tank)
Power: 40KW (H40-JHHA:32KW)
Injection pressure : 8-15 MPa

Application area: Automobile, motorcycle seat, refrigerators, solar heater, refrigerators, wood-profile, pipe fittings, self-crusting, elastomer cushion. heat insulation pipeline, mould, sandwich board of freezing house, steel structured plate, wood imitation furniture.