EMM095 series intermediate temperature elastomer casting machine

polyurethane pouring machine

EMM095 Series Intermediate Temperature Elastomer Casting Machine


EMM095 series Intermediate Temperature Elastomer Casting machine (2-3 components) is a high-tech model combined with international technology and after market research for polyurethane industry application. Main parts are imported and the whole equipment has reliable performance and high safety standard

2. Equipment and explain the main technical parameters

2.1 Device Model: EMM095

2.2 Foam type:Elastomer Casting

2.3 Viscosity: (80-160°C)



2.4 Pouring output: 1-3kg/min (100:40), adjust range of mix ratio:100:100~100:20

2.5 Injection time:0.5~99.99 (accuracy reach 0.01s)

2.6 Program No.:



2.7 Measure unit:measure accuracy ≤0.5%,for metering components,Including bracket with vibration pads, variable frequency motor, magnetic couplings, axial piston pumps and valves, electronic pressure switches and so on.

Component materialPOLY.YISO.
Pump modelA2VK28(12cc/r)A2VK12(12cc/r)
Motor power(kw)115.5
Motor speed(rpm)14501450
Pump axis sealmagnetically coupledmagnetically coupled

2.8 Pressure limitation & system

Working pressure range is 0-4MPa,if beyond this range, machine stop injection automatically, alarm and indicate error “unnormal working pressure”

Component metering pump’s limit setting for safe pressure is 25MPa, double-protection, make sure safety of metering pump and system

Electrical protection: When the pressure reaches 25MPa, the device automatically shut down, alarm and displays the "pump over pressure" of the fault information

Mechanical protection: When the pressure reaches 25MPa, the valve overflow;

Metering pump lowest pre-pressure to protect POLY. 0.25MPa, ISO 0.15MPa.When the pre-pressure below the set value, the device automatically stop and alarm and display the "pre-pressure is too low," the fault information

2.9 Components’ flow output control and testing units

Bases on the pump’s flowout and the components’ mixing inquery, set two parameters in the pouring course; the two metering units are drived by two independence motors , through change variable high-pressure displacement of the metering pump’s flow out to control the metering pump’s output.

2.10 Component filter:

Two components furnished with filter separately, and the A filters’ precision is 300μm. the B

filters’ precision is 200μm