polyurethane foamed in place foam gasket dispensing machine

Foam Gasket Dispensing Machine

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2 components FIPFG automatic PU foam gasket sealing equipment

This machine can mix two kinds of raw material together and pour to pre-set position, groove, mould, or the flat surface of workpiece etc directly. Through chemical reaction, the liquid raw materials form elastic sealing strip in seconds. There is no joint or cut point, so comparing with other kind of sealing its effect is much better and with longer using life. And, during the forming process, the sealing strip surface become very smooth and without any crack, so its sealing effect is perfect. And, because it can stick on the workpiece naturally and tightly, no gluing worker is needed, huge cost is saved from labor and time, etc.

Foam sealing equipment is used more and more in sealing fields like controlling cabinets, lighting, motor vehicle, machining industry, etc. It is leak proof, oil proof, water proof, damping, noise proof, and sealing, etc. It is in accordance with certifications like UL/CE, MIL-STD-167, EN50298, and so on.


MOTECH FIPFG Sealing Equipments are widely used in fields like cabinets, vehicle, electronic, appliances, lighting, and filter, etc.

Electronic & Appliances: Gluing and sealing on the surfaces of controller cabinets, doors, or other surfaces, to prevent dust and moisture.

Lighting: Through foaming sealing to form sealing rings on lightings for industry, furniture, house or outside, etc.

Small containers & Packing case: sealing rings used on the cover edge of them with a lot of quantity to finish the sealing process efficiently and automatically.

Appliances: sealing strips are needed for kitchenware's top, back and inside, or filter of cleaner, and other appliances.

Vehicle: Sealing strips used on the car body, pedal, steering wheel stand, fireproof metal plate, and other areas like car window, vent, lighting cover, air conditioner, and so on.

Filter: like those used on oil industry, air conditioner, building, refrigerator, etc.

Main Parts

1. Mixing Head:

Water Rinsing & Modular Design

2- / 3- component mixing head with high-pressure water rinsing system and dynamic mixing system, for use with liquid to high-viscous polymer reaction materials for gasketing, gluing and potting.

2. Operation System:

CNC System from SYNTEC, 180 degree rotating freely, Multi-language selection, Storing huge frequently-used information, Plus USB interface and G-code program, Manual operation is for choice also, Can be operated simply.

3. Raw Material Barrels:

Double walled stainless steel, control temperature automatically.

4. Work bench:

Aluminum alloy, strong and durable.

5. Dosing System:

Barmag metering pump, Panasonic servo motor, Microscale gluing is workable.

6. Hand Controller:

SYNTEC made, easily control, response quick and steady.

7. Driving system:

Panasonic servo motor, work steady, long using life, can keep working for dozens of hours.

Equipment Construction:

Raw Material Reaction Principle:

Standard type equipment specifications:

Technical SpecificationsSome Other details
Mechanical Arm 6*3 mTechnologyFrom Germany
Workbench 2.4*0.9 mMixing HeadFrom Germany
Material Bench 1.2*0.85 mOperationFrom Taiwan Syntec, CNC system
Working Stroke 2.4*1.2*0.25 mHand ControllerFrom Taiwan Syntec
Gluing Width 5-30 mmMotorPanasonic Servo Motor
Gluing Precision 0.01 mmMetering PumpFrom Germany, Barmag
Working Speed 0-12 m/minCleaningWater Risining
Max Speed 30 m/minMaterial BarrelsDouble walled stainless steel, control temperature automatically
Repeat Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.03 mmControl Mode8 axis linkage,
Dosing 0.5-5 g/sWorking Mode2D or 3D
Filling Accuracy 0.1 g/sMain ColorSilver gray, refer to picture, or black, red, ect. under discussing.
Mixing Speed 0-3000 rad/minCustom-made, OEM, ODMOK, no problem.
Mixing Ratio 1:10~10:1 AdjustableCertificationsCE, RoHS, ISO, etc.