Foam in Place Gasket Machine for Sale

Foam in Place Gasket Machine for Sale


It's mainly used for cabinets,distribution cabinets,explosion prood shell,low ark,automobiles,home appliances,lamps and lanterns,filters,etc.various sealing products or parts.

Performance Characteristics

1. German technical,independent research on operate control system,adopt intelligent humanity-machine display screen;
2. Using system intelligent operation analogue function to eliminate the machining problem caused by artificial size problem completely in production process;
3. Intellgent low0-pressure alarm function to avoid producing bad products caused by unstable air pressure in the equipment work;
4.Hand-held interface makes operation simple easy,human resource was saved and needs of various customers is satisfied;
5.The hardwware part of the system using america DSP.

Packaging & Shipping

1.Package: wooden cases for sea transportation

2.Delivery time: 30 working days after receiving the deposit

3.Installation : engineers available for installation and training overseas

4.Guarantee : 12 months after it is sent out

Technical Parameters

XxYxZ2250x1250 x200MM
Measuring Precision0.1%
Glue Spraying output0.5-20 gram/s
Gasket Width4-20mm
Mixing Ratio1:1-10:1
Filter Precision0.5um
Air Pressure0.4Mpa
Working Speed0-20 m/min
Rated Power6-8Kw
Voltage3 P 5 W 380V 50Hz