polyurethane foam injection machine

three-component elastomer pouring machine


We offer a broad product portfolio of machinery and systems for reaction processing of POLYURETHANE moulded flexible foam, integral skin foam, rigid foam insulations from smallest 10gms /minute output onwards. And from it we can supply exactly what our customer’s need - from single mixing heads to complex, turnkey manufacturing systems.

Mixing heads:

Having the right mixing head for every production task makes all the difference. We offer a choice of linear and transfer mixing heads with scaled output ranges to suit different production applications. We offer mixing head versions for from 2 to 6 components, optimally tuned to each customer's production requirements and process parameters.

Processes know–how, resources and consultancy:

EMM Technology can supply Know-how services and resources that go to make EMM machinery a productive investment for your business. Our services include concept planning and engineering, feasibility studies and data management, product design and prototyping, assembly jigs, system layout ,training, and after- sales support and service. We have the resources and the wide application experience – and we’ll put them to work for your success.

We plan it, We manufacture, You produce.



The NAMAN-STD HP machine series are mixing and metering PU-machines are versatile and work horse in all PU applications in PUR processing. Some of the regular models are:


The EMM-HP series of reaction mixing and metering machines are versatile enough to be used in all applications in PUR processing.

EMM offers a range of polyurethane mixing and metering machines to suit any production requirements. The modular design allows them to be flexibly configured to customer requirements. Technology the Naman is installed complete, together with the control cabinet, on a one-part machine frame. All machines are "plug-and-play", operator friendly, machine ready to start operating right away.

Some of the Customer benefits:

*Because of the compact frame concept, the EMM has a smaller footprint and is therefore particularly space saving.
*EMM offers flexibility today and for the future. The concept allows machine components to be added in order to respond to changing production requirements.
*EMM machines deliver high product quality and low reject rates.
*Short high-pressure lines for PUR components provide better control of temperature, pressure and the process.
*The faster maintenance means reduced downtimes and lower maintenance costs.
*All components are easily accessible. This reduces the maintenance times.
*The machines can be equipped with additional modules.
*The PUR components can be heated with inexpensive heating cartridges.
*The centralized water feed reduces the installation work for local installation.
*The compact round heat exchanger mounted on the base frame allows short feed line lengths and meets all processing requirements.

Principle The reactive PUR mixture is mixed by means of dynamic agitators and poured into the mould, usually while it is open, under almost no pressure. The low pressure results in a splash-free, laminar pour of the mixture into the mould. Technology NAMAN LP series is suitable for mixing even very small pour rates of less than 10 g/s. This permits the production of parts with low shot weights .The series can even process high-viscosity components and systems that do not mix well. Customer benefits

EMM LP series series is both flexible and efficient.
EMM LP series is suitable for making products with different colours and different PUR systems.
Up to seven individual components (polyol, isocyanate, pigments, catalysts, etc.) can be metered directly into the mixing chamber of the 7-component mixing head, so permitting rapid change of colour or system.
NAMAN LP series reduces material losses.
Where pigments are used, it is not necessary to stock pigmented polyols.
The choice of the appropriate agitator leads to optimum mixing quality in different PUR systems.
EMM CAST PU SERIES: Details can be showed on request.


We manufacture wide varieties of sandwich panel press, Tailor made to customer requirement, specifications depending on end user applications.

Some of our regular panels sizes are:

3.5 X 1.5 Mtrs Panel Press
6.5 X 1.5 Mtrs Panel Press
12.5X 1.5 Mtrs Panel Press

Each above panels can be made with variety of combination like one-in one-out or two-in two-out.

We can also supply presses for door PU-Foaming.