static pre-mixing station

Static Pre-Mixing Station


The static pre-mixing station widely used in home appliance and isolated construction. It can auto adjust the flows according to the set up parameters by close loop control. It is appropriate for cyclopentane and 245fa pre-mixing.

This system is used to storage and feed to the polyol/cyclopentane.

It is suitable in the continuous production pattern, may feed the foaming production line continues with the component material automatically.

Main Technical Parameters:

* Polyol/cyclopentane container unit,
Effective volume: 500L
Working pressure max. 0.60Mpa;
With safety valve;
Agitator with mechanical sealing or no leaking magnetic coupling;
With pressure switch nitrogen decompressor,
Non-return valve on the filling port;
Magnetic liquid level meter: Visual level with alarm sensors
Heat exchanger: Pipe-type heat exchanger installed outside the tank.
Temperature probe

Explosion-proof measures on the machine:

* Enclosure and gas-exhausting system for the units of polyol /cyclopentane;
* The flammable gas detecting and monitoring system;
* Nitrogen gas pressurization for the container;
* Ex type of the motors, valves and relevant electric elements;
* Grounding;
* Leakage monitoring and control;