TPU ration blending machine

TPU Ration Blending Machine

Quick Details

Machine system:Pouring,dosing,mixing and casting

Typical Mateirals system: TDI+MOCA/MDI+MOCA/Prepolymer + MOCA/E-300

Applications: Pu rods, pu sheets,pu rollers, pu parts for industry and so on

Detailed Product Description
EA series 2-component elastomer casting machine, dosing machine, mixing machine

1. Summary:

Our pu casting injeciton machine is that our company follows the international advanced technological products, imports the main machine parts from foreign countries and famous brands. Hence, technical and safety performance of the equipment has reached the advanced level of the same product of the same period abroad.

This machine is used for producing casting polyurethane elastomer product which use MOCA and other material as chain extender, such as gluing roller, pad, rollers for elevator use and highly rigid products and can compose pre-polymer and vacuum defoaming in this machine.

Different PU rubbers can be switched instantaneously to produce CPU of different materials.

2. Main parameters and descriptions for the equipment


2.2 Suitable foaming system: Pu elastomer products

2.3 . Viscocity(cps):

A(POLYOL or pre-polymer):~4000mpa.s(45℃-100℃)

B(MOCA):10~1000 mpa.s (130℃)

2.4 Pouring output: 2-10 kg/min (100:14) , total 5scales for options

Mixing ratio range adjustable: 100:6~100:20There are some weight differences when the density of the raw material and the mixing ratio of the raw material are different.

Option:Another component can be added for pigment or agent usage.

3.Techincal description:

3.1 Tanks(A,B, Tank)

Material of Tank: Stainless steel AISI 304

With heating jacket

Max capacity: A220L B60L

Useful capacity: A160L, B45L

Heating system:Oil recirculation

Temperature check: PT100 sensor.

Max Temp: 130℃

Tolerance on the temperature holding: Within +/- 1.5°C

Mixer: Stainless steel material ,anchor type

Mixing speed: Adjusted according to different raw material

Inspection window: Glass window in the tank body

Option: Electrical inductor

Auxiliary System:

Vacuum system

Nitrogen filling system

Vacuum meter

Raw material filling system

Raw material vacuum absorb system

Raw material unloading system