cyclopentane premixed conveyor system project

Cyclopentane Premixed Conveyor System

EMM series high-pressure foaming machine is following the international latest high technology and according to word wide the PU industry that independent innovation high technology products .The main parts are import from foreign country, equipment technical and safely performance are reached the word wide advanced capacity. The equipment is widely used automobile industry, insulation industry, air conditioning industry, electric appliance industry and furniture industry and so on. Also, expanding the application field .

EMM high -pressure foaming principle

Both Polyol and Isocyanate are stored separately in two tank, and used two rotary axial metering pumps to take material to mixing head, two components injection to a small mixing room at high pressure and flow rate when mixing head started in the hydraulic control, and collide with each other instantly, pass moving transformation that reached to mixing and flow to mold control, after pouring output time that mixing head piston rod forward, all material are pushed to mixing chamber and mixing chamber is cleaned by piston rod, don't left any material. Component passed beside of piston rod return to material tank. If it don't inject in a long time , low-pressure recalculation switchover unit but two-control component into low recalculation.
Because of equipment' exact calculation, has a small loss and needn't clean and it will be good at environment-protect and reduce the material costs. In the all areas that is to be more and more widely used.

PMS series of polyether / cyclopentane premixed and raw material storage delivery system is the Zhangjiagang Strength& Industrious Machinery Co., Ltd tracking international high-end technology products, combined with the application of domestic polyurethane industry independent innovation and development of high-tech products. The main relevant documents to be imported from abroad, the technical performance and safety and reliability of the equipment can reach the advanced level of similar foreign products over the same period. Company by the German authority TÜ V quality system certification.
Polyether / cyclopentane the premixed, storage and conveying system for used in mass production mode, foaming equipment on-site to meet the continuous automatic feeding.

NO.Name and specificationsMain Technical Parameter
1Cyclopentane metering unitMetering pump: G03
Flowmeter: VC0.2/TM0.55
2Polyether polyols metering unitMetering pump: A2VK55
Flowmeter: VC5
3Static mixerDN30
4Switching valveG1/4, G1
51500L TankChina
6Coil heat exchangerHeat exchange area: 4
7Pneumatic control unitAirTAC
8Electrical Control SystemPLC Input and output modules: Germany's Siemens
Speaking operator: Siemens OP177

Basic Info

Model NO.: PMS-80
Model No.: Pms-80
Power: 40kw-100kw
Voltage: 380V Other Power Customizable
Warranty: 12 Months
Type;: Polyurethane Foam Machine
Raw ;: Polyol and Isocyanate
Principle;: High Pressure Impact
Automation;: Automatic
Computerized;: Computerized
Certification;: Ce, ISO9001:2008
Trademark: EMM
Origin: China
HS Code: 8477800000