polyurethane full automatic digital control thermoplastic elastomer casting machine (TPU)

Thermoplastic Elastomer Casting Machine

Product Details

Ⅰ. Product Classification

Used to produce a kind of linear block copolymer products constituted by oligomer polyol soft segment and hard segment of different nitrogen acid ester chain extender,

Ⅱ. Functions and features

1. High-precision metering pump; through quality flowmeter and using closed-loop control together with servo motor to control the metering pump speed to ensure measurement accuracy with error≤3‰.

2. Pressure adjusting device with patented technology; flexibleadjustment and error of±0.5%.

3. Temperature control system is stable: conduction oil or electric heating, multi-point temperature control device, temperature error≤±2℃。

4. Mixing uniformity: adopting vane type high shear mixing head makes the reliable performance.

5. Entire machine system is controlled by PLC touch screen, which displays pressure, temperature, flow rotation speed, casting, air impact, cleaning and other parameters; it has stable performance, high degree of automation and easy to operate.

Ⅲ. Application

Apply to sports equipment, medical supplies, industrial wear parts, gears, hoses, cables, waterproof membrane, airbags, electronic packaging film etc.

IV.Service conditions:

ComponentMixing ratioTemperature(°C)Viscosity (CPS)
A(polyhydric alcohols)10020-100°C<2000

V. Main parameters:

Total discharge amount(g/min1-53-105-17
Capacity (kg/h)60-300180-60030-1000
A tank capacity(L)220220360
B tank capacity(L)120160160
C tank capacity(L)808080
Pouring head stirring speed(r/min)3000-50003000-50003000-5000
Height from ground(mm)130013001300
Total power(kw)384852
Weight (kg)280028003000