outsole production foam machine

outsole production foam machine


1. Main unit: Material injection by a precision needle valve, which is taper sealed, never worn, and never clogged; the mixing head produces complete material stirring; precise metering (by a precision metering pump); single button operation for convenient operation; switching to a different density or color at any time.

2. Control : Single chip microcomputer control; TIAN electrical components exclusively imported to achieve the goal for automatic, accurate and reliable control can be imputed with more than 500 working position data; pressure, temperature and rotation rate digital tracking and display and automatic control; abnormity or fault alarm devices.

3. Raw material pot with a stainless steel interior; sealed foaming insulation; integrated stepless speed regulation automatic control motor and stirring machine; circulated oil heating; automatic constant temperature control for a better heat insulating and electricity saving effect.

4. This machine is used for the formation of various twin-color and single-color polyurethane soles and integrated uppers, for making various high and medium class leather shoes, casual shoes, safety shoes and travel shoes.


The drying tunnel type annular production line has 80 working positions; the loop is 21m long; the drying tunnel is 16m long; the drying tunnel can be heated by electricity or oil; the temperature is automatically controlled; stepless speed regulating; universal casters are used for the carriages to make them run smoother. A lengthened and lately designed product line can be custom made to greatly reduce the friction between the casters and the guide rail, so that the assembly line will be running smoother, less noisy, and more endurable.

Main Parameter for EMM905 foaming machine :

Equipment Model  



Power supply



All power of the machine 12KW,4*380V/60HZ


The type of applicable foam


Sole,insole, walking shoe, ect.


Flux of inject


50g-100g/S(Attention:the flux could be configured)


The press of infect




The mix proportion






POLY( polyethylene )500-2000MPAS




ISO( Multi-isocyanate )500-2000MPAS


Time of injecting


0.01-9.99/S( precision 0.01S)


Precision of injection




Process of injecting


Manual inject by PLC programmed


Pneumatic pressure






Wide:1.8M; High:2.85M; Long:3.5M


Weight of the machine




Pouring nozzle


With collision impact needle

Never wear

Never plug

 SCM Programmed computer(English demonstration)  

It could control 500 patterns’ capacity of injecting at the same time and could wash the Gas-injecting automatically

 heat system  

It can automatic control temperature

 Raw material oven 4 drum  

1 set




1 set