polyurethane shoe soles casting machine

polyurethane shoe soles casting machine


1. The machine has obtained several patents for its energy-saving design and beautiful appearance(compared to equipments in the current market: saved electrical energy≥40%).

2. High-precision measurement: accuracy of single group can reach 5‰. Durable high precision gear motor and PLC communication frequency conversion regulate the speed.

3. This machine can make products of double density plus four colors. Independent color adding system can transfer color paste to the mixing chamber and mix with PU raw material. PLC program controls the switch of double density and color to add. One machine, having a diversification of functions, saves working space as well as cost.

4. PLC program, large colorful man-machine interface operation platform, frequency speed system control the speed of metering pump motor; temperature and pressure are controlled precisely through high-precision data acquisition module.

5. According to practical experience, this machine is equipped with pneumatic lifting device, which eliminates the trouble of manual adjustment and makes the production more convenient and more accurate.


The machine is suitable for producing polyurethane foam products, such as various types of polyurethane soles, polyurethane insoles, upper-joint molding shoes and other foaming products of various colors.

Main parameters:

1Total pouring
   30-1507Stirring speed
2Volume of
tank (L)
   3×1208Casting cleaning cycle      <60pairs
3Volume of
color adding
tank (L)
     4×109 Control system          PLC
4Number of
metering pump
        710Total power
5Volume of
purge tank (L)
6Metering error(%)       112Weight(kg)        1000

(All machines can be customized.)


Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer of shoes machine and related equipment.

Q2: What's the delivery time?
Around 20~30 days after we receiving your deposit.
however, it is based on the order.

Q3: What about your machine warranty?
Our machine warranty is 1 year (from the installation date)for all machine parts.
Exception: consumable machine parts such as screw, motor and ect. Damages caused by mis-operation.

Q4: If the machine's spare parts broke, where can I get ?
We will give you the spare parts which is vulnerable along with the shipment.
we have Q/C department to control the quality. When the machine is finished, we will make sure it's work well.
our quality is good ,in case it broken within one year ,we will sent you for free.

Q5: Does it easy to operate and what can i do if it doesn't work?
First, our machine is suitable and easy to operate, the first step is just learn some basic thing like loading the raw material, and start the machine. And we will sent you manual instruction and video, we suggest you to come to visit our factory to learn more thing by yourself, and if there is something goes wrong, you can call us, video-chat, email us. And we will give solutions within 36 hours. Our engineer also can be distributed to overseas as you required.