polyurethane rolling rubber elastomer pouring machine


1.The three dimensional worktable of the pouring head is fully controlled by the PLC programming, which can keep the synchronous speed with the production line in real time.

2. High-precision measurement: accuracy of single group can reach 5‰. Durable high precision gear motor and PLC communication frequency conversion regulate the speed.

3. After inputting the program to the system controller, the process of mold stripping, release agent spraying and air blowing will be highly intelligent automatic in the assembly line.

4. Large colorful man-machine interface operation platform; PLC program controls every operating unit; temperature and pressure are controlled precisely through high-precision data acquisition module.

5. With medium speed (8600r/min), mechanical sealing and preventing contra-flow design, high-speed spiral mixing head is designed to reduce waste emissions. Mixing system with the cooling water cycle throughout extend the cleaning cycle (> 60 pairs).


The machine is suitable for producing polyurethane foam products, such as various types of polyurethane beach sandals, casual shoes, PU insoles and other foam products.

Main parameters:

1Total pouring
50-1507Stirring speed
2Volume of
A-material tank (L)
3×1208Casting cleaning cycle     ≤90 pairs
3Volume of
B-material tank (L)
1209 Control systemPLC
4Number of
metering pump
310Total power
5Volume of
purge tank (L)
6Metering error(%)0.512Weight(kg)2000