pu sole and shoes foam machine

PU Sole and SHOES foam Machine

1、 our product and purpose:

Polyurethane foam machine or polyurethane pouring molding two
purpose machine match with molding line, it can produce all kinds
of polyurethane soles with different color, density and
polyurethane transparent soles, also can produce higher class shoes
just like sandal, casual shoes, sports shoes, leather shoes,
aviated shoes etc.

2、 the units of making polyurethane sole or shoe molding and

upper-link molding:
NO XCXL series or XCXD series
2 polyurethane pouring molding machine XJJF series or XJJL series
3 special cooling machine units
4 polyurethane material warm-up oven XHGX3-2.5 or XHGX3-5

3、 equipment’s productivity

3.1.1 XJJF series of polyurethane foam machine matches with XCXD-60
sole molding molding line(60 position), we produce polyurethane
soles by 50 shoe moulds, 10 hours one day and 8 circles/hour, as
the rotating speed, it can yield 4000 pairs of soles per day.
3.1.2 XJJF series of polyurethane foamed machine matches with
XCXl-60 sole upper-link molding production line(60 position), we
are produce 10 hours one day and 8 circles/hour, as the rotating
speed, it can yield 1200 pairs of soles per day.
3.1.3 Double color, double density polyurethane sole or upper-link
molding shoe products, this techniques should be second pouring, so
productivity will be decline.
3.1.4 The equipment’s productivity is directly relevant with ratio
shoe mould
3.1.5 The equipment’s productivity is relevant with worker’s


1) Specialized equipment used for manufacturing double-color or
double-density PU foam products, such as toys, double-color shoe
soles and double-density seat cushions
2) Three components
3) Operation process:
a) Liquid monomer or pre-polymer, in a certain blending ratio, is
delivered into the mixing head
b) Mixing head agitates materials sufficiently, then injects them
into the mould
c) Mixed materials then react and harden into shape, ripen and
4) A slide switch in the electrical control cabinet, is used for
choosing one of A material to react with B material