EMM090-1 two components elastomer pouring machine

Applicable Viscosity

#1 Modle:EMM090-1

#2 Suitable material viscosity (22°C)

A (Prepolymer ): ~4000mpa.s (45°C-100°C)

B (Moca or chain extender alcohols): ~500mpa.s (45°C)

Pouring output

Output: 200-800g/min (1:1)

The pouring output will be different as result of raw materials’ density and mixing proportion.

As the same time, the standard two-component casting machine could to increase the third injection head, according to the product needs to add color, add catalyst (customers can choose according to their own needs). The casting machine is controlled by intelligent computer

Performace index

#1 Material Tanks (A,B tank)

Material: stainless steel AISI 304

The max. capacity: A 200L, B 30L

The safe capacity: A 160L, B 25L

The heating system: hot oil circulation heating

Temperature measurement system: PT100

The max. temperature: 130°C

Temperature error: control +/- 1.5°C

Stirrer: stainless steel impeller anchored to maximize the tank close to the wall.

Stirring speed: adjustable speed, scope to set in accordance with the nature of raw materials.

Windows: through a glass eyepiece observation tank.

Electronic sensors level of raw materials: min. liquid level control.

Auxiliary system: Vacuum system

Nitrogen filling system

Vacuum meter

Artificial additives material system

Vacuum system to draw raw materials

Unloading systems

Each material cans are installed in a separate incubator, hot air circulation heat, can ensure the tank temperature prior + / - 1.5°C. Impeller anchor type design can ensure material fully mixing. This design can avoid some of the raw material such as: excessive heating effect.

#2 Pipeline

Material: PTFE strengthen stainless steel wire mesh

The heating system: oil heating

Temperature measurement system: have 4 sets PT100 thermal sensor

The max. pressure: 20 bar

The max. Temperature: 130°C

Temperature error: control +/- 1°C

These high flexibility insulation pipe can ensure the consistency of temperature in the whole pipeline.

#3 Metering system (A,B component)

Metering pump: gear pump import from Germany Barmag

Filter screen: nets type filter, stainless steel AISI 304

Motor: converter in accordance with tachometer and motor to control the flow speed.