China cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine for sale

high pressure pu injection machine

Along with our country home appliance industry out class CFC foaming agent to speed up, many domestic refrigerators, freezers manufacturing companies are no renovation.Using cyclopentane as physical foaming agent, the security requirement is higher.Digestion, absorption, well-known both at home and abroad foaming machine company combining with the characteristics of China's national conditions and the basis of the technology developed cyclopentane 40-200 type high pressure foaming machine, safe and reliable, stable performance, easy operation, high repeat precision injection material, cyclopentane HPu - P series high pressure foaming machine has been widely used in household appliances sandwich panels in sectors such as refrigerators, building materials, real for the industry and environmental requirements of the refrigerator export markets abroad.

Equipment has the following functions and features:

Lord guan mixer equipment adopts imported parts, ensure and improve the system reliability.
Mixer equipment metering unit, metering pump and motor with magnetic coupling to avoid leak pump shaft and prolong the service life of the pump, to enhance the system security and reliability;Using large insurance coefficient design service life is long;

Mixer main safety protective measures

1. Install protective isolation room and exhaust device;
2. Install cyclopentane gas monitoring alarm system;
3. Nitrogen protection;
4. Use explosion-proof electric appliance;
5. Equipment grounding;
6. Prevent leakage control;
7. Mixing head before pouring to filling nitrogen for the displacement of air inside the cavity;